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Copyright: Copyright Friendly Resources

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Journals & Learning Material
Music and Sound

NOTE: Some sites are for educational purposes only so be sure to check site licensing information before using materials.

Have a Question on Copyright?

Information provided in our guide can often be confusing and hard to interpret. If ever in doubt contact Marcia Steeves the College's Academic Integrity and Copyright Officer.

Copyright Friendly Resources

In our information-rich environment it can be a still be a struggle to find materials to include in coursework and assignments. There are some materials that have agreements or licenses that can either reduce of remove copyright limitations.

Creative Commons (CC)

There is a lot of information online that has a Creative Commons (CC) license.  You can search by license here, but be aware a Creative Commons (CC) license is just that: a license. You need to abide by all terms and conditions outlined in the license.   Find out more about Creative Commons Licensing here.

A great video on Creative Commons and Copyright is available here.

Library Databases

The library has many online resources that can be used for teaching and studying, such as:

Open Access

Just like Creative Commons, these are materials that copyright owners have made freely available online and allow you to use them under certain conditions (Many of them using a Creative Commons license or some other type of open access license). Open Access materials include journal articles, research data, software code, images and much, much more.

Public Domain

Typically copyright only lasts for 70 years after the owner has died. It's why we can copy Shakespeare's and Mozart's works without having to request permission.


To understand how to use images in classroom or in your assignments, see our Images page.

Journals & Learning Materials

Music and Sound

Always attempt to find legally attainable music directly from the creator first. Music purchased through electronic means may carry terms and conditions prohibiting use outside of personal use. For more information on copyright law and the use of music, see our Music and Sound page.


To understand how to use videos and streaming video in classroom or in your assignments, see our Films, News, Tv and YouTube our page.

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