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About Us: Book a Room

How to Book a Room

How to Book a Room

  1. Ensure you are booking at the correct campus. Sutherland is at the Peterborough campus, Frost is at the Lindsay campus.
  2. Choose a start time from the green boxes below.
  3. Choose the end time from the drop down that shows up after you choose the start time. These rooms are for group use. Sutherland Campus has a 2 hour per group per day time limit. Frost Campus has a 3 hour per group per day time limit.
  4. Click Submit Times.
  5. Click Continue and complete the form using your Fleming email address.
  6. Click Submit my Booking.
  7. Check in using the QR code on the study room table once your booking has started. Failure to do so within 15 minutes may result in the loss of your booking.

If no rooms are available in the library, check with BookIt to see more options.

Sutherland Campus

Frost Campus

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