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Join us for Library Workshops

Workshop dates and locations will be indicated in the listings below. CCR logo 2023

  • Sutherland workshops will be in the Library Workshop Room C1 220.6
  • Frost workshops will be held in Library Study Room 317A
  • Virtual / Webex links are posted below 

Registration is not required, but please arrive on time. See you there!

Complete any five of our workshops and you will receive the Information Literacy Certificate & CCR credit. You may take more than one term to complete 5 workshops. What is Information Literacy?


At Fleming, Plagiarism is a serious breach of Academic Integrity.  Understand the various forms of plagiarism, Fleming’s policy on plagiarism, and learn effective strategies to avoid plagiarizing. 

Workshop Dates

Thursday, July 18: 11am - 12pm Virtual

Tuesday, August 6: 3pm - 4pm Virtual

For those who are new to citations, we will lay the foundation for successful citation-building.  Understand the use of in-text citations, identify different source formats and the parts of a citation, and practice using a citation guide to build basic citations.

Feel free to bring some examples you would like to work on!

Workshop Dates

Wednesday, July 17: 2pm - 3pm Virtual

Tuesday, July 23: 3pm - 4pm Virtual

Thursday, August 1: 11am - 12pm Virtual

Cite your articles confidently and correctly!

Journal articles, web articles, journal articles on the web – learn how to distinguish these source types, choose the right citation template, and include the right information. Lots of hands-on practice. Feel free to bring your own examples.

Workshop Dates

There are currently no workshops for this topic.

For those with some citation experience, this workshop will help broaden your understanding and hone your skills. We will practice with more complex examples of articles, edited volumes, websites, and images, as well as using the MS Word citation tool.

Workshop Dates

Tuesday, August 13: 3pm - 4pm Virtual

ILC Advanced APA 7 Worksheet

Fleming APA Citation Guide

Workshop Activities:

The above worksheet contains hyperlinks. If you are planning to work off a printed (hard copy) of the worksheet, you will need access to the following links:

Activity 1: Books



Activity 2: Articles





Activity 3: Websites




3d: Image


Paraphrasing & Avoiding Plagiarism

APA Guide to What's New in APA 7

Find articles using our single Search-All feature. Learn how to choose effective keywords, narrow your results by subject, date, or geography and access full-text articles.

Workshop Dates

Thursday, August 8: 11am - 12pm Virtual

ILC Finding Articles Worksheet

Related Library Tutorials:

  • Why Use the Library Databases
  • Finding Articles using Discovery
  • Search Strategies

*Prerequisite: Finding Articles in the Databases or equivalent*
Comfortable searching for articles in the Library’s databases?  Take it to the next level and become proficient in designing your search strategy and using advanced tools available for organizing, storing, and sharing results.

Workshop Dates

There are currently no workshops for this topic.

Information is everywhere… BUT… is it right for your research paper? Discover how to look critically at information sources, especially websites, to ensure the information is credible, appropriate, accurate, free of bias, etc.

Workshop Dates

Thursday, July 25: 11am - 12pm Virtual

For many students, research includes locating, understanding and disseminating peer review resources.  Discover how an article becomes “peer-reviewed” and how to search the library’s databases for these highly credible articles.

Workshop Dates

Tuesday, July 30: 3pm - 4pm Virtual

Give yourself an edge in your next in-class presentation! We will cover techniques for dealing with presentation anxiety as well as best practices for presenting and using tech tools such as PowerPoint.

Workshop Dates

Thursday, August 15: 11am - 12pm Virtual

Turnitin is an online tool used by some instructors to assess for plagiarism in student assignments, but did you know that you can use Turnitin to self-assess your work before handing it in? In this workshop, we'll demonstrate how to set up an account, submit your work, and how to understand the feedback report and use it to avoid plagiarism.

Workshop Dates

Wednesday, July 24: 2pm - 3pm Virtual

There are no Resources for this workshop.

Library Mentor

Book an appointment with your Library Liaison for help with:

  • Using library resources to find reliable sources
  • Developing & refining your research strategy
  • Critically evaluating sources for credibility
  • Citations: APA and other styles

Available for individuals and project-groups.

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