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Welcome to Citation Styles

Welcome to the wonderful world of Citations.  At Fleming College, students are expected to properly cite all sources of information included in their submitted assignments. Failing to do so can result in serious consequences.  Please refer to the Academic Integrity and Plagiarism guides to learn more.

This guide will provide you with links and resources that will assist you with the various style guides used at Fleming College.  Your instructor will identify which bibliographic or citation style you are expected to use.

Here you will find helpful resources for the following bibliographic styles:

APA      *      MLA      *  Legal Citations   *    Harvard Business (HBR)     *      CSE

How to Use the APA Guide

APA 7th Edition

APA 7th ed. guidelines have been implemented in all in-house supports (citation guides, workshops) as of Fall 2020.  The Citation tool in our Discovery platform and EBSCO databases has switched to 7th edition.

APA 7th Cover

Please note that some versions of MS Word References tool may still use 6th edition, and that students who were used to 6th edition may need some time to adjust.

APA Guide to What's New in the 7th ed.

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