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Faculty and Staff Information: Library Skills Support

Digital Literacy Resources

Research Hub (TLP)

Research Support

Visit the Research module in The Learning Portal to learn about research, copyright, academic honesty, and citation, and to access virtual research help.

Watch the intro to the Research hub.

The Learning Portal - College Libraries Ontario

Digital Skills

Visit the Digital Skills Hub in The Learning Portal and learn to create videos, infographics, websites and more.

Watch the intro to the Digital Skills hub.

The Learning Portal - College Libraries Ontario

Options for Customized Library Support

  • Library staff visit your classroom (in-person or virtual) to provide library workshop or demonstration
  • Collaborate with us to create a customized library assignment or resource guide
  • Arrange a workshop (in-person or virtual) outside of class time that fits your students' timetables
  • Request a custom pre-recorded session 

Please provide as much advance notice as possible with these requests. 

Don't have class-time to devote to Library Skills? Recommend our workshops and services to your students!

Workshop Topics

  • Orientation to Library Resources & Services
  • Avoiding Plagiarism
  • Search Strategy & Finding Articles  
  • APA Citations
  • Academic Integrity
  • Evaluating Sources 
  • Using any specific resource
  • Using Wix, Turnitin Self-Directed, and other digital tools

All workshop topics can be tailored to your needs. More topics available - just ask us!

More Support for Students

There are many supports we offer to help students succeed in their coursework. Please consider promoting these to your students:

Online Tutorials: Video and text based tutorials for students on library and research skills.  These tools can be embedded in D2L, linked from a PowerPoint, or assigned to students as homework or review. As always, we welcome your suggestions and feedback!

Subject Guides group all kinds of resources together by program of study. We hope you will consider linking them from the Resources section of your D2L course-page. Please contact your Program Liaison if you have suggestions or requests for customized content.

Library ILC Workshops  Voluntary workshops that help students build a foundation of Information Literacy skills as they relate to the academic and professional world. Students who complete 5 workshops will receive the Information Literacy Certificate (CCR eligible). Current Term Workshops Listed Here (Webex Delivery).

Academic Integrity guide provides information and supports for understanding academic integrity, and avoiding violations

Library Modules in D2LTwo separate modules available:   Avoiding Plagiarism & Academic Integrity 

Library Mentor (WebEx): Students can book a one-on-one appointment with a Library Technologist to help with search strategies, using databases, citation tools and more. We can also meet with students in their project-groups. 

AskON provides live, immediate chat help. This is a collaborative service across Ontario Colleges that is available beyond our regular library hours.  

The Learning Portal (Ontario College Libraries). This OER provides help with Research, Writing, Study Skills, Digital Skills and much more. Some hubs have ready-made D2L Quiz cartridges. 


Supports for English Language Learners

...and other learners too!

  • Library databases have audio features that will read articles out loud
  • Streaming videos have closed captions & 'read-along' transcripts
  • Library website has video tutorials (with subtitles) on searching for books, articles, and more
  • Library website has comprehensive APA Citation guide & Academic Integrity information
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