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Tutorials: Break the Fake! Workshop

Break the Fake! Workshop

Can you tell what's TRUE online?

Break the Fake hippo

Learn four quick methods for verifying online information and images .  In recognition of Media Literacy Week 2020, this fun workshop is also open to faculty and represents a unique opportunity to explore these techniques together. 

Interactive Module

Couldn't make it to the workshop?

Try this interactive eLearning module

Four Quick Methods

Online misinformation hasn't just made us easier to fool; it's made us more cynical.  If we can't tell what's true it feels safer to assume that everything is fake.

Critical thinking isn't about doubting everything. It's about learning how to find out what is true.  Because only truth can break the fake...

BtF Activities

1. Use Fact-Checking Tools

2. Find the Original Source

3. Verify the Source: Does the source really exist? Are they who they say they are? Are they reliable?

4. Check Other Sources

Final Activity: Use any method

Fake News (TLP)

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