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Evaluating Sources of Information: ILC Activity: Climate Change


Scenario:  You recently heard a notable celebrity make a claim that challenges a prominent scientific theory. ​“Climate change isn’t real. It was invented to hurt American businesses.” ​

​You don’t know much about science, but this is something you’ve heard before and you’ve decided that it’s time to learn about it. ​

So, you do two Google searches:​

  1. climate change real​
  2. climate change fake​

Your search results are listed below.  Click the links to view each source.
Select two sources from the list.  One of the sources should be a “good source,” and the other source should be a “bad source.”  Using the CRAAP Test criteria, explain why you have determined that the source is either “good” or “bad."

Source: Moran, C. (May 15, 2017). Evaluating internet sources: climate change. Retrieved from

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