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Thrive at Fleming will return for the Fall 2024 semester.
Details to be announced.

Develop Your Resilience Skills

Navigating college life can sometimes feel overwhelming, but remember - you're not alone. Thrive at Fleming is here to help you turn those challenges into opportunities for personal growth, academic success, and overall well-being.

Our innovative 5-week program is designed to empower students like you to develop the resilience skills and academic competencies needed to flourish, not just survive. The program invites you on a journey of self-discovery, introducing science-backed resilience practices and healthy habits that will benefit you now and long after college.

Discover How to Thrive Despite Day-to-Day Challenges

Thrive at Fleming covers a diverse array of topics, from learning techniques and mindset shifts to the practice of meditation and the power of compassion. Not only will you develop resilience for personal challenges, but you'll also enhance your academic skills, improving your focus and learning efficiency. Our safe, supportive, and encouraging environment will help you explore these and other themes while fostering a shared sense of belonging with your peers.

Why Join Thrive at Fleming?

Joining Thrive at Fleming means more than just coping with stress or mastering academic challenges. It's about learning to live your best life, fully and joyfully. It's about boosting your academic potential, sharpening your learning skills, and connecting with a like-minded community. And most importantly, it's about knowing that you're never alone on your college journey.

What do past participants say about Thrive at Fleming?

"The Thrive program was a transformative experience for me."

"I have acquired valuable skills and it has helped me to develop personally and professionally."

"A platform where I find support, find encouragement and learn how to improve."

"It teaches us amazing things with amazing examples and activities."

Earn a CCR Credit

Beyond the personal and academic benefits, participation in Thrive at Fleming is also CCR eligible. All you need to do is engage in at least 3 of our 5 sessions, either in-person or actively via webcam/microphone, to receive a CCR credit.

Flexible and Accessible Format

We understand that everyone's circumstances are different, so we're offering Thrive at Fleming in two formats. You can choose to attend in-person at Sutherland Campus or join us online via WebEx. Our goal is to ensure that everyone who wants to take part in this program can do so in a way that works best for them.

Take the First Step

Ready to start thriving personally and academically?

Look out for details on our Fall 2024 offerings or send us an email at

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