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Tutorials: Research for your Job Search

Research for your Job Search

Research is the key to an effective and successful career plan and work search. Employers often report that applicants are unable to demonstrate any knowledge of the company or industry in which they are seeking employment.

By doing your research first, you'll be able to demonstrate this knowledge, initially in your resume and cover letter, and then again at the interview stage. And you'll have a much better chance of getting the job! A double-whammy workshop from Career Services and Library Services.

Search Individual Business databases

Company Information

Tip: For information on your chosen product/company, search the web for the official website. On the corporate website, look through the top and bottom menus for 'About Us' and Shareholder, Investor, or B2B information. Find out the parent company, the home country, and if the shares are publicly traded (these companies will have more information available).

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