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Concept - Skills & Strategies: Presenting Online & Groupwork

Group Work & Presentations

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Groupwork and Presentations can be two of the most challenging academic tasks students experience while in College.  However, the experience that comes along with these tasks can be very rewarding and gratifying. Learning to work in groups and being comfortable speaking in front of others is difficult for many students, but don't worry: there are a number of tips and strategies to support you:

Presenting Online

Presentations will likely continue to be part of your studies online, so use these tips to prepare, create and and deliver a great virtual presentation to your class.  All of these tips would be important regardless if you are making a presentation online or in-person. 


  1. For presentations, the key is to plan for enough time to prepare
  2. Be sure to practice your presentation as much as possible
  3. Engage your audience by asking questions and incorporating interactive components
  4. Develop strategies for lessening anxiety during presentations such as focusing on your message and being mindful

Being prepared and confident in the topic you are presenting on is essential to presentation success!  Check out these Fleming resources for creating and delivering a presentation:



  1. Create a Group contract early on in the group process.
  2. Establish basic ground rules and expectations for your group to follow and keep each other accountable to them!
  3. Learn to be flexible and be open to compromise - these are crucial elements to effective group work
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