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Concept - Skills & Strategies: Active Reading & Study Skills

Top Tips for Studying

Many students arrive at College without really knowing the best ways to study.  As a College student, it is especially important that you approach your studying in a strategic way so that you can save on time and better retain and remember the information for later.   

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  1. Studying is not something you only need to do before a test or exam! Begin studying on day 1 of your term!
  2. Become familiar with the Learning outcomes for each course by looking at your course outlines.
  3. PLAN:  Create blocked times in your schedule and prioritize these as study times.
  4. Avoid cramming at all costs! It has proven ineffective and you are likely to forget what you've studied.
  5. While taking a test, be sure to start with answers you know first, it can boost your confidence and give you a good start.


Active Reading & Study Skills

Studying in the online environment is similar to studying if you were taking classes in person.  However, it is even more so important that you are monitoring your learning when you're in an online environment.  How do you know you are learning the material in your courses?  Are you going beyond passively reading and reviewing your course content?  Are you making quizzes and self-testing to assess how well you know the content?  

All forms of learning requires that you go beyond simple memorization of course material and use active reading and learning strategies to form a deeper connection with the content you are learning. 

1. It all begins with Active Reading

There is a lot more to reading than simply sitting down and starting in. There are ways to be more active in your reading that can help you better retain and understand the information in less time.   


2. Always go Deep with your Learning

One way of picturing deeper learning is Bloom's Taxonomy:





3. Use the 6 Most Effective Study Strategies

These are the strategies that years of research has shown are most effective for studying.  For a brief overview of these strategies, tune into the informative videos put together by The Learning Scientists. All of these are active learning strategies and will help you to reach the depth of learning that you need to.  Check it out!   

  • #1 Strategy - Retrieval Practice: Recall what you know 
  • Spaced Practice: Avoid Cramming 
  • Interleaving: Switch between ideas 
  • Elaboration: Ask, Explain & Connect
  • Concrete Examples: Use meaningful examples
  • Dual Coding: Combine Words & Visuals



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